Romney Speaks in O'Hara Township

Erika Beras May 4, 2012

Presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney brought his campaign back to the Pittsburgh region today.

Nearly 200 supporters showed up to hear Romney deliver his message of job creation at Sauereisen, a construction materials company in O’Hara Township.

“This is a sad time in America when people who want work can’t find jobs,” Romney said.

Just hours earlier, the Department of Labor released the April unemployment figures showing the jobless rate dipped a tenth of a percent to 8.1% nationwide. The economy added 115,000 jobs in April. Romney said that is “not good news,” and the economy should be creating about 500,000 jobs a month.

Before Romney spoke in O’Hara, Democratic leaders held their own event nearby, and said President Obama’s policies are reviving the manufacturing industry.

“We have seen 26 months of private sector job growth and more than 32 months of manufacturing growth, and we are benefiting right here in Pittsburgh,” said Allegheny County Councilman John DeFazio, who is also United Steelworkers District 10 director.

“Governor Romney is hostile to manufacturing and indifferent to the jobs many of us rely on. As Governor, his state shed manufacturing jobs at twice the national average and while at Bain, Romney destroyed manufacturing jobs. His policies as a candidate are just as bad and would be devastating to our workers and their families,” said DeFazio.

Romney talked to his supporters about repealing President Obama’s health care package, limiting regulations on coal, oil and natural gas extraction in the hopes of cheaper energy sources and more employment and reducing government but increasing the military.

Before his campaign appearance, Romney met in Mt. Washington with former rival Rick Santorum, who left the presidential race last month. No details were available about what was discussed. Romney is trying to shore up support among Republican conservatives, including those who backed Santorum.