North Hills Community Outreach Celebrates 25 Years

Charlee Song April 20, 2012

The North Hills Community Outreach was incorporated originally to help victims of the flood of 1986, but Executive Director Fay Morgan said it has expanded to help those who need food, shelter, clothing, utilities or medical care. With the United Way, the organization provides volunteers to seniors who need rides and other services.

To serve people who have lost their jobs, Morgan said volunteer coaches offer support, encouragement and even technical expertise.

Last year, 1,385 volunteers, including 378 youth, gave 42,000 hours of time and talent to serve 5,760 families, said Morgan. 80 of the volunteers staff food pantries in Allison Park and Bellevue.

50% of funding for the NHCO comes from individuals; 25% from foundations; and 25% from government. “That big half that’s grass roots is most important to us and is not affected by budget cuts. It is affected by the economy — we sort of get a double whammy when the economy’s bad because more people need our help and sometimes our donors can’t give as much,” said Morgan.