One Year Later, Obama’s Energy Efficiency Plan Is Stalled

Scott Detrow StateImpact PA February 3, 2012

After last year’s State of the Union Address, President Obama traveled around the country rolling out specific details of a broad policy platform he called “win the future.” He made a stop at Penn State where he focused on a topic he admitted sounds kind of boring: improving energy efficiency.

“Everybody focuses on cars and gas prices and that’s understandable. But our homes and our buisnesses use 40 percent of the energy,” said Mr. Obama.

The president’s plan to lower the number was two-fold. First, expand tax deductions for companies who improve their insulation, lighting systems and heating. The president also wanted to give federal grants to states and cities who strengthened their efficiency standards.

Now, one year later, Scott Detrow takes a look at the progress, or lack of progress that has been made. Read the whole story at StateImpact Pennsylvania.